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Most of these reviews are from user reviews of AdsGone (not controlled by us)!

12/8/2017: EJ

"Best blocking I have found..."
I tried a number of trial downloads before giving AdsGone a whirl. It appeared to be far more effective than the others. I even enjoy the satisfying eraser and "pop" sound effects as half a dozen ads are instantly extinguished from Excite, USAtoday, etc. Highly recommended.

11/29/2017: Rusty

"The best pop-up blocker there is!"
This product makes the job of eliminating forever the popups that drive you crazy every day. Well worth the $24.95 price for 3 computer coverage. It's entirely customizable, allowing you to ok certain popups that you DO want, while also allowing you to block those forever that you don't. It even blocks the GAIN/Gator popups that are a necessary evil of using the Gator software. I've tried no less than 6 similar programs and none even came close to Adsgone.

11/24/2017: Drag Racer

"One of the best EVER !"
I was just curious and was looking thru for a good pop up killer program and ran across AdsGone. I noticed that it had a very good rating and was up to 261 votes at the time I downloaded it... It is simple to set up and anytime you want a pop up to get thru, you simply hold the CTRL key down and that's it. I haven't had a single pop up or banner since the download. I highly suggest AdsGone.PERIOD

11/24/2017: Danaz99

"Works like a charm"
Blocks the popups, blocks the banners, eliminates spyware. If I want or need the popup, all I have to do is hold down alt-Ctrl and I get what I need. All of this works far better and more elegantly than popup / ad blockers I've used in the past.

11/13/2017: Pete

"It appears to stop the deluge of junk I used to receive"
This software is reasonably priced, easy to download and install. I am not an expert and use the "default" setup. It knocks down most popup ads but allows a single key override if I want to see popups from a particular site. It speeds up my progress on the web. I am happy with the results.

11/11/2017: Suzie

"The best of it's kind!"
I am totally hooked after trying a ton of Pop Up Stoppers. This one is the very best. I am definitely going to buy it when the trial period is over. I used this before on my office computer and thought it was GREAT! You have to try it!

11/10/2017: Michael

"Thorough, easy-to-use; reliable and does not interfere with any other programs I run."
When I converted to cable internet service, the pop-up ads were relentless. Since installig AdsGone, I have been amazed at the efficiency. Not only have the pop-ups decreased severely, the program is quiet, updates itself and is so easy, a child could operate it! I'm impressed!

10/14/2017: Paul Farr

"best popup blocker i have tried"
i like the large database of previously blocked offenders which comes with the initial installation. the feature which allows me to add new offenders to the list of blocked pop ups works really well. within several days i had everyone blocked out, and now none of them get through. the thing i found out was how much my computer is under assault from the popup adds. adsgone allows you to hear and audio tone each time a block occurs. when i open a website i immediately hear a series of 6 to 10 rapid fire sounds. each sound is a blocked popup. i had no idea there was that many other sites trying to access my computer. it sounds like rapid machine gun fire. you can shut the sound off if like. all in all i am very pleased.

6/10/2017: Steve Patton

"This is absolutely the best program I have ever spent money on".
AdsGone is unbelievable. In roughly 6 months of use, AdsGone has blocked over 200,000 pop up ads, and thatís only on my main computer. Itís the best money Iíve ever spent, I recommend it to everyone I know, and those who have followed my advice have agreed with me 100%. Keep up the incredible work.

6/5/2017: Linda

"Microsoft Recommended"
One month ago I was ready to throw my computer out the wndow. All of a sudden, the pop ups were uncontrolable, I could not even get my home page to start. A tech at Microsoft recommended I go to your site and download AdsGone. The program is wonderful. There are some glitches, but you can learn to work around them. All my problems are gone. Thank You

6/4/2017: SP

"What a great tool!!!!"

I've had the AdsGone trial version for about3 weeks now and it's blocked hundreds of ads. My Web surfing is back to the good old days when there were no popups and distractions getting to the data and information I need. Thanks!

5/20/2017: Terry

"What a difference!"

Those popup ads drive us crazy (short trip). We tried AdsGone Popup Killer on all 3 of our work computers and loved it. It makes me laugh when I hear the sound when they're zapped. I may experiment with some new sounds later. Anyway, I'm impressed.

11/15/2017: Kelly G.

What an excellent way to stop all the annoying pop-ups! When my trial period was over, I thought, "It's really not helping that much", so I un-installed it. What a mistake! The next day, I ordered it and put it back to work right away!! Just sign me...

11/15/2017: Mark

"Great product!!!!"
Pop-Up ads had taken the enjoyment out of web surfing. Thanks to ADSGONE the fun is back!!!Hearing ADSGONE zapping those pesky pop-ups before they reach my screen makes my day! Thanks again ADSGONE for a great product!!!!

11/15/2017: Kathiman

"I lasted 3 days after the free trial ended before I just had to register."
This software is stable and does just what it is advertised to do. I will definitely recommend it to friends.

11/12/2017: Ray Herrington

"This program does what is says without intruding in your business." This program solves the annoyance of having to deal with pop ups and banners in an unobtrusive manner. It emits gentle sonic reminders that it is doing its job.

11/11/2017: Lymepal

"Wish I had this product long ago!" I am thrilled with the AdsGone Pop-up Killer. I am truly enjoying surfing the net for the first time in years. I love to hear the sounds when an ad has been killed, another one bit the dust! I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

11/11/2017: mrtriton

"I just purchased it. GREAT product!!"
I didn't even make it through the entire trial period. I'm DELIGHTED in not seeing all those STUPID annoying pop-up ads anymore!!

11/10/2017: Nick Falcone

Having tried a half dozen other freeware and shareware ad stoppers, I have found AdsGone to be the very best!

11/8/2017: Mary LaPre

"What a relief to get rid of all those ads!!!"
It feels like we've been given a big present. It was bad enough when we constantly were getting ads, but when it came to the point when we couldn't get out of the ad without turning off the computer, frustration set in big time. We can do whatever project or work we are doing without all that interruption, plus when we sit down to start in working, we aren't confronted with 5 to 10 ads piled on top of each other, requiring that we have to delete them all just to get going. And the number of ads blocked daily is unbelievable! And all this (and more if you want) for less than $20.00. Talk about worth the price!!!!

11/2/2017: celrobi

"Highly recommended, best in class"
This is by far the best ad blocker available. It is unobtrusive but extremely efficient. It is very simple to override if it blocks something you really want to see. I am recommending it to all my friends and colleagues. I purchased the three computer license for home and will encourage my employer to purchase a license for our office.

11/1/2017: Jameson

"does the job without a hitch"
i like how fast it blocks the popups. i don't even see another window because it deletes them so fast. the trial period was really great in helping decide to purchase this. keep up the good work!

10/31/2017: Sue Graham

"AdsGone works well"
I downloaded the trial "adsgone" and it worked very well. I had no misgivings to purchasing the program and even upgraded to the 3 computer program.

10/29/2017: TTB

"Superb, unmatched, excellent."
I had started using PopupStopper, NoPopup etc, but all of them were useless. This one is absolutely amazing. Absolutely no problems. This should get 6 out of 5. I haven't seen any ad after this on my comp.

10/28/2017: marvin downs

"The best there is!"
I've downloaded (and ultimately uninstalled) about 10 popup killers because, either 1)they caused problems with my computer or 2)they did not do what they said they would do or 3)they were not compatible with most browsers. AdsGone is the 1st one that did not have any of these problems. Highly recommended! Don't even bother looking anywere else. Well worth the $20.00.

10/28/2017: toblkflys

"Delivers As Promised!"
This is a great program that does just what it says it will do. I have tried a few others including some freeware, but the $20 was worth the stability, ease of use and accuracy. Well worth the $!

10/25/2017: EagerBeaver1

"Great product to kill those annoying pop-ups!"
This product really does work well for getting rid of those pesky pop-up-ads. A cinch to install and the user menu is idiot-proof. Thumbs up for this program. Worth the money.

10/25/2017: Leon

"Just what we were looking for..."
As a Church trying to use the Internet and e-mail to coordinate Christian activities, we spent several weeks trying to find a solution to all the offensive pop-up adds. We talked to ISP's, did searches on the Internet and read Christian magazines and asked members of the Church. Our members said if you find something let us know because we want the unsolicited adds to stop too. We even considered taking the Church off of the Internet. We found A1Tech's product AdsGone mentioned and rated highly in many different places. Keep up the good work... Thank you and God Bless... :-)

10/23/2017: Sem

"It does exactly what it is supposed to do."
It's really nice to surf the internet quickly without all of the ads popping up, and no more banner ads flashing in our face. I have a 3 license copy, and have installed it on 3 different machines, all running Windows 2000, sp3. There have been absolutely no problems. The number of ads blocked is in the hundreds per day.

10/22/2017: irislady

"I highly recommend it!"
I have tried several trial versions of "ad stoppers" and this one is the best. It is easy to use and doesn't interfere with the games my kids play online, or crash my system as some others did. Paying the registration fee for a license for 3 computers is my way of saying "Keep up the good work!"

10/21/2017: Van Z. Grube

"It has made the Internet a True Enjoyment!"
AdsGone is an Internet "lifesaver"! I was so sick of the ad circus and all the "junk" I HAD to see it was very discouraging. Now the Internet is like it was 10 years ago but BETTER! A BIG THANK YOU!

10/21/2017: BlazeFlare

This a great program! I used many other pop-up killers, but none of them worked as well as AdsGone! Thumbs up!

10/21/2017: Ron Kolman, highland park, IL.

"HIGHLY recommended"
this product works easily. installed itself with wizard, provides uninstall if your dissatisfied, unlike other ad-killers this product is STABLE, clear interface, and a blessing to be rid of those nasty pop-ups.

10/20/2017: Layal

"Nothing can explain this but"
I have Tried SO many pop stoppers, they do seem to work, but than a few days later, it would fail. with ADSGONE.. Lets just say i couldn't

10/20/2017: JD

"Execellent, Easy, Efficient...Buy it!"
Have tried several of these pop-up killers and AdsGone got ads gone quickly. Easy to update. Easy to add the occasional

10/20/2017: aljones

"Does what is claims and speeds up surfing"
Have only had it on the computer for two days and I already realize how many pop-ups/unders that it blocks, quickly and efficiently. My browser loads pages faster and I can surf with no grief now.

10/15/2017: Shawn

"Best popup blocking software ever"
It is a wonder people are not screaming the praises of this program from mountaintops and belltowers!

10/14/2017: hampton40

"IT WORKS!!!!"
This makes internet usage so much more pleasant that before. I HATE pop-unders and they are a thing of the past.

10/14/2017: KC

"Definite great buy!"
I downloaded the free version and was pleased, then let it expire to see if it really was helping. My screaming machine was obviously slower without the popup killer! Bought a license for 3 machines and consider

10/13/2017: Captain Howdy

"Best popup killer I've used yet."
This is a great popup killer with many options, allowing you to customize how the program will determine what windows are killed. It rarely ever kills popups I do need, and the hot buttons allow me to overide AdsGone at a moments notice. If I had any complaints it's that with so many options new users may find the interface a little overwhelming at first. Also a $19.99 registration fee is required after a certain time, but I found the benefits of this program worth the fee for home use.

10/12/2017: Wolfie

"If you surf the Web, you need this program"
Two things in life really aggravate me -- telemarketers and popup ads. If only there was as simple and effective a cure for telemarketers! AdsGone is a great addition to the Net experience. Easy to configure, transparent in operation and reliable as hell. Now, I won't cuss near as much as I prowl around on the Net. NO more popups.

10/12/2017: Silvrsurfer

"Absolutely WONDEFUL!! I am impressed!!!!"
I have had no negative issues with this product. It works just like it states. Every once in a while, an ad sneaks through, but, since I have installed it last night, it has already blocked 1390 ad servers. To bad it's not free.

10/4/2017: GTB

"Speeds internet usage by a large amount"
This program has speeded up my internet speed by at least 30%, higher when checking email on ad supported sites or surfing multi-popup sites.

10/2/2017: Becky

"A very good program."
I was very impressed with the way that AdsGone performed.I have tried a few other programs like it and they were not half as thorough.I can finally enjoy the internet again without all of those annoying popups. I am a home user without a lot of computer savvy and I am able to use the program with ease.

10/1/2017: Bill Winter Maint Tech USPS

"Makes surfin' the Net fun again!"
Turn key program required nothing more than the install to be able to start surfing the net right away! The true test however, was to visit Crackz sites and this program passed with flying colors. I use a 200 MHZ machine that I bought back in '97 to surf the net with and the program has worked flawless.

9/30/2017: JRussell

"Best thing since sliced bread"
Pop-up ads were driving me crazy. I spent more time closing pop-up's then viewing the websites I accessed. Since installing this software, I haven't seen one single pop-up. IT KILLS THEM ALL!! Outstanding!!!

9/30/2017: IT guy

"We downloaded and tested 15 "killers" We BOUGHT this one!! NUF said :-)"
it has lots of problems recognizing windows by title in both IE and NS but compared to everything else we tested it is vastly superior.

9/29/2017: Roger Sweborg

"Everything is as stated AAAAAA++++++"
AdsGone is just the best I have found. Did try others but this program is number one in my book. Blended right in with my software with NO problems. ALL I CAN SAY IS BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID!!!!!!!!

9/27/2017: Doug Ga.

"smash them suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
i used to have pop-up's all over the place! since downloading the killer i have yet too see one! this has got to be the best download that i have tried! love to hear them getting stomped-on before they have a chance to invade my screen!

9/19/2017: khiul

"great program! kills popups and removes banners with ease!"
I hate popups and have been using proggie "Popup Killer" for quite some time. After trying AdsGone, there is just no comparison. Popup Killer has very few features, can't be customized that much, and recently has been crashing resulting in tonnes of unwanted popups. AdsGone however has great features, works well and seems quite stable. The install was quick, the proggie doesn't use many resources, and has extra features available for those using IE. I also enjoy the ad database with automatic updates (if you so choose). This allows the blocking of common banner ads. The sounds can be turned on/off and setup is straight forward and precise. If AdsGone continues to perform this well I intend to register before the end of the 21 day trial. ;)

9/17/2017: Fontaneous

"Try it! Excellent value. Extra features 2"
I love the "close all browser windows" button. Navigator takes too long and Explorer doesn't have it at all! The ads really added up, this program killed over 2,000 ads in the trial period alone!!

9/16/2017: Kayte

"Ad Invasions are only a memory with AdsGone"
It is wonderful to finally not have Ad Invasions bother me when I am on the net. It was very irritating to constantly have screens pop up so often, that I would have to just leave the net, because ads would pop up so fast and so many, I couldn't even get to what I was trying to read! Thank you so much for your software. I love it, and I'm recommending it to my friends and relatives.

9/14/2017: Dr. Larry Ludeke

"Finally, one that works!"
I have found that AdsGone works like a charm with my Windows XP system. It rarely lets a pop-up through and integrates seamlessly in my system. I observe no appreciable performance slow downs or problems of any kind. This is one GREAT product!

9/10/2017: Tiny Tucson, AZ

"Look No Further! This is the one!"
I tried several different programs, finally deciding on this program. It's easy to use, even blocks banner ads. Authors have updates of URL's using popup ads to download. You can easily allow a site just with a couple of clicks. It's worth the money.

9/8/2017: Suzanne

"The best product I ever had!"
AdsGone Popupkiller is the best product I ever had. I just can't be without it. Before I got AdsGone I thougt I'd go mad about those popups. Now I can work with my computer without any interruption.Thank you!

9/8/2017: svalentine

"One of the best programs I have purchased!"
I love this program. There is nothing that annoys me more than those pop up ads and banners. It is a pleasure and well worth the price. I gave it to my daughter several months ago and she is still thanking me. Smile.

9/7/2017: CujoBarbie

"Adsgone is the best pop up killer i have tried. It's great!"
I have tried adsubtract and a couple others but adsgone is far superior to them. I hate trying to do something and having pop ups in the way. This product takes care of all that and is very easy to use

9/5/2017: Lisa Lisa

"I love it!!!!!"

I've tried a bunch of freeware/trial ad-killers and this is the BEST one to date! This is the easiest to use and configure, the most reliable at actually killing those popups you DON'T want and allowing the ones you DO! I've had people download it from my computer and just HAD to tell 'em that I *know* they'll love it!

9/5/2017: Toadman

"Adsgone is the best!!!!!"

I dont usually rate stuff I download, but this little program is the popup kiler of them all, it even works with those pesky popups and banner ads that go along with IMESH and KAZZA ....I love ADSGONE, I highly recommend this application!!!!! Worth the download!!!!

9/3/2017: pamejo

"amazing! really stops the pop ups!"

I don't know how I functioned without it! Heard about it from a computer radio show and downloaded the trial. Ahhh relief! Purchased after expiration of trial period because I can not go back to those annoying pop-ups

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